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Tourism in Chile Where the impossible is possible

From the extreme north with the driest desert in the world to the austral south with eternal ice and inverted waterfalls, Chile is an invitation hard to refuse. Learn about tourism in Chile and be amazed by the experiences in the southernmost portion of the world.

norte Centro Rapa Nui Sur Patagonia

Discoverour diversity

A landscape of contrasts

The tranquility of vast sandy esplanades and intense sunshine contrast with deep blue lagoons, small towns where the native customs are kept intact and large cities with beautiful beaches.

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Valleys and beaches

Nestled in a plain of small valleys and coastal destinations, central Chile stands out as one of the most populated areas and surprises with the assortment of activities that can be performed, from the mountains to the beaches.

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An ancestral culture unique in the world

The mystical Rapa Nui culture floods the entire island and gives life to one of the most emblematic destinations in the world. Its pink sand beaches, volcanoes and grasslands along with more than a thousand Moais are just some of its main attractions.

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Remarkable nature

The rain falls heavily on millenary ancient forests of deep vegetation and assorted wildlife, and then gives way to a deep blue sky. Southern Chile stands out not only for its wonderful green landscapes, but also for being one of the most important areas for adventure tourism in the world.

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Beauty in its purest state

An almost untouched nature full of mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests, steppes, pioneer villages where you can breathe the cattle traditions and the gaucho culture, along with important cities, is part of what you can find in the Chilean Patagonia.

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