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Come to Chile’s most romantic destinations

Come to Chile’s most romantic destinations

By: Hernan Claro - 31 May, 2023

Chile’s most romantic destinations

The intimacy of northern Chile, with its amazing skies and being surrounded by an ocean of sand, or the fruits of central Chile, with its vineyards that awaken flavors to be shared and enjoyed, or nature’s abundant greenery in southern Chile, with forests that embrace travelers and arouse all their senses in the autumn; Chile has everything you may desire if you’re searching to experience love and romance.

San Pedro de Atacama

Fall in love with one of South America’s most romantic destinations. @benjaminbarakat

You may understand what it feels like to enjoy the intimacy of the desert when you come to San Pedro, the perfect climate for love during any season.

San Pedro was internationally renowned as South America’s most romantic destination in the 2022 World Travel Awards, and there’s a good reason for it. You can enjoy magnificent hotels, spectacular romantic dinners in the middle of the desert, or check out what’s happening in the town. San Pedro is surrounded by places where couples can have spectacular experiences, including salt flats, lagoons, archaeological attractions, a trip to the moon valley, as well as a sky you will never forget.

From San Pedro, you can easily head to the heart of the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt Mountains). Here, the Andes Mountains meet the Atacama Desert, and you meet the Valley of the Moon. As if its name wasn’t romantic enough, this place uniquely resembles the lunar landscape with the added charm of some of the most beautiful sunsets on this planet. Sit in front of the immensity of the desert while intense sunset colors spread across that landscape. Like its name, it’s from another world.

Elqui Valley

Discovering the magic of the Elqui Valley is enjoyed best when in good company. @sol_invictus_elqui

The Elqui Valley is about an hour from the coastal city of La Serena towards the mountains. It is one of the best places in the world to do Astro-tourism and observe the Galaxy, and the perfect place to share a romantic night under the stars with your loved one. Either from one of the many astronomical observatories in the area or using your naked eyes, this is where you can share the entire universe with someone special.

In addition to basking in the beauty of the sky, the valley’s fertile earth offers a bounty of flavors and infinite opportunities to enjoy its exquisite produce. Imagine taking a stroll through the vineyards that spread across the valley and sampling a few of the finest wines you will ever taste, then spending the night in one of the most romantic hotels in the area. How lovely does this experience sound?

Chile’s vineyards

Chile’s vineyards are very romantic places to fall in love or get married. Viña Santa Cruz

If a countryside atmosphere is what you are looking for, full of vineyards and large gardens to walk or ride horses with your partner, then you should stay closer to the capital. Between the Valley of Aconcagua and the Valley of Maule, central Chile is home to most of the vineyards and wineries in the country. These romantic vineyards offer endless wines for tasting, dining, or pairing till your hearts are content.

The different wine-producing valleys of central Chile offer incredible landscapes where you can take pictures with your loved one, which will always remind you of this experience. After the sun sets, you can continue enjoying a romantic evening at the hotel of your dreams from a vast selection available.

Some of the wineries for an exquisite romantic getaway are:

  • Viña Concha y Toro
  • Viña Matetic
  • Viña Ventisquero
  • Viña Santa Cruz
  • Viña VIK
  • Viña Casas del Bosque

Huilo Huilo


How about a romantic adventure surrounded by nature, lush forests, lakes, and incredible trekking trails? If you want this, you should consider a romantic getaway to the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. It has landscapes, flora, and fauna that seem like a fairy tale. The hotels are in symphony with the nature surrounding them, offering hot springs, restaurants, and local products unique to this area.

If you travel in the autumn, the green forests are transformed by the colors of the season; if you come in the winter, an incredible natural spectacle awaits you because of the possibility of spending a moment with your loved one in the snow, protected by the walls of your hotel or in the open air, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



Pucón is one of the most picturesque cities in Chile and is full of attractions that you can visit with your partner and make romantic memories.

In the city, you can stroll along the beach of the lake and the town’s streets, around its central plaza, where you can dine at many restaurants and try a local delicacy, the stone-baked pizzas. Also, spend romantic nights in one of the beautiful hotels with views of the volcano, the lake, and the rainforests. It is a romantic destination that will match perfectly with your sweetheart’s bucket list.

Nearby, you will also find great romantic outings in autumn and winter. In any season, we suggest you head to the Termas Geométricas, the most amazing hot springs nestled in the native forest, with over 60 pools of geothermal springs of water. Other romantic and dreamy destinations are trekking in the Ojos del Caburga, climbing the Villarrica Volcano, or visiting Huerquehue National Park.

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