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Hot springs and wellbeing

Can you imagine yourself immersed in hot springs while the rain falls on the lush forests around you? If the answer is yes, then Chile is for you. Inserted in the middle of green landscapes or at the foot of snow-capped mountains, more than 270 hot springs are distributed throughout Chile. If what you are looking for is pleasure and total disconnection, take advantage of the many corners of the country focused on providing the traveler a space of wellbeing.


Rest your body at over 30° and finish relaxing with a hot stone massage!


Heal and relax your body with treatments such as reflexology, herbal baths, biomagnetism and reiki, and indulge in meditation by enjoying yoga classes or doing rejuvenating Chinese medicine exercises.

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Hot Springs

Forget about commitments and surrender yourself to the warm hot springs naturally emerging in different parts of the country. In the north you can relax by soaking your body in mud. The hot springs near San Pedro de Atacama will leave you relaxed thanks to their magnesium-rich waters. In the central area, there are hot […]

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Spa and relaxation

Chile and its therapies based on natural products are a must-see destination. Connect with your inner self, meditate and enjoy crystal and biomagnetism therapies at the Elqui Valley. Yoga classes and massages at Cajón del Maipo. The Curicó Valley not only allows you to drink its rich wines, but also to bathe in them and […]

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Hot Springs
Spa and relaxation

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