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Hiking y trekking

Hiking or trekking is the best way to visit Chile and get to know its scenic landscapes from a privileged view. The tour begins at Lake Lejía in the heart of San Pedro de Atacama. From there you can start an excursion to more than 4,000 meters above sea level, which includes the sighting of volcanoes, hills, and the impressive Miscanti Lake.

A must-see in the central zone are the trails of the La Campana National Park near Valparaíso. Near Santiago, in the Cajón del Maipo, the El Morado Natural Monument will reward you with a white snow-capped peak. In southern Chile, the Huerquehue National Park will surprise you with the Caburgua Lake and the Villarrica National Park. And Patagonia is an unmissable destination that offers national parks and reserves with tours of different difficulty levels.

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