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By: Chile Travel - 14 April, 2021

ByJimena Delgado | Date: 21 December, 2020 | InAdventure , Blog ,

Nature for all

In Chile we want to share our natural treasures with everybody and without restrictions. And these are not just words! That is why we want to show you some accessible tourism options to enjoy and tour the different regions of the country safely and with everybody.

Tourism is a right and access must include every citizen. We invite you to read the following article!


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Accessible National Parks, Reserves, and Natural Monuments

Protected natural areas are great accessible tourism alternatives to enjoy Chile’s landscapes and natural biological diversity.

Over 20% of the country’s territory is part of one of these protected wildlife areas … Can you believe it? From the north to the deep south there are almost 20 million hectares whose main objective is to protect wildlife species of special educational, scientific, and recreational interest.

At least 40 of said national parks, reserves and natural monuments are waiting for you as an accessible tourism option for an unforgettable experience adapted to your needs.

Silla de rueda

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We especially highlight the La Portada Natural Monument of Antofagasta, inserted in a beautiful landscape in northern Chile.

In addition to its access ramps, the area includes a very interesting Environmental Education Center (CEA in Spanish). Its trails include Braille signs with information on the different species of guano birds and birds in relief to identify them.

Within the CEA, educational videos are shown for people with sensory disabilities (sign language) and the auditorium includes access for people with motor disabilities to watch documentaries or participate in conferences. The center also offers a virtual reality experience that simulates strolling down to the beach.



Rio de los Cipreses Natural Reserve

With the Universal Design of the Environmental Information Center of this beautiful Natural Reserve in the center of Chile you will get to know part of this Region’s wildlife rich in experiences and adventures. The forest and sclerophyll shrubs typical of the country’s central Altiplano host everything from guanacos to pumas, as well as a variety of reptiles and birds, including the colorful burrowing parakeet.

The reserve includes trails for people with motor disabilities and visual impairments to the lookout area where you can observe and listen to the hundreds of parakeets that form a natural colony in this area.

The trails also include educational stations that have information in Braille and assisted access ramps.

You can find a complete list of each park’s accessibility advantages, reserve and natural monument at this link.


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The adventure continues in kayak in the south

Do you think only those with strong arms and good balance enjoy kayaking?

Everyone can join the adventures and tourist experiences that Chile offers and we present you the fantastic accessible tourism initiative “Kayak Sin Fronteras” (Kayaking without Boundaries) created to develop and promote ocean kayaking within a spectacular area of fjords and channels in the Region of Magallanes in the deep south of Chile.

Kayak sin Fronteras includes special equipment to offer the best safety standards: stabilizers and special seats adapted for people with mobile or sensory disabilities that provide a better experience while tandem kayaking with experienced guides.

Its very name reflects the spirit of this company of being inclusive and responsible by offering the experience of getting to know destinations in Patagonia in an entertaining and safe way, regardless of the physical condition or age of participants.



Tour Chile on the right wheels for you

The Chilean initiative of the Wheel the World team to escort and empower people with disabilities to explore the world without restrictions is already known worldwide!

Their mission is to make the world accessible to anybody who wants to explore it.

With complete packages that take care of every detail of your experience based on your needs, Wheel the World organizes trips to areas in Chile as diverse as Easter Island, San Pedro de Atacama, Valparaiso, Pucón, and Torres del Paine, among others.

Wheel the World includes special chairs for trekking, adapted bicycles and beach chairs (sand and ocean).

Those who join these experiences also join a unique unity environment of people with disabilities, their peers and nature.

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An extraordinary experience is scuba diving for disabled people in Easter Island that invites you to explore a submarine world escorted with instructors certified in scuba diving for disabled people.


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Finally, bear in mind that Chilean hotel regulations make it mandatory to have a tourist infrastructure that offers universal accessibility, particularly for disabled people or people with reduced mobility. It is our law!

In Chile, where the impossible is possible, everyone can enter, tour, use, and leave a tourist area safely, comfortably, autonomously, and independently.

Come and enjoy these spectacular and unforgettable experiences. You will surely find more than one option suitable for you.


Fotografía: Imagen de Chile

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