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By: Chile Travel - 28 August, 2021

When you picture yourself with that special loved one, where would you like to be? In the following article about places in Chile for falling in love, you will learn about some destinations and the most romantic and ancestral love stories. Take note! Let us show you why Chile is recognized as one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Islands for falling in love 


Foto: [@gepokluda]

If you want to be completely love-struck, the island of Rapa Nui is the perfect place. Although it is currently closed due to the pandemic, we will tell you why it is the best destination to add to your bucket list of romantic places.

Visiting this paradise island with a special person is without a doubt a great alternative. Imagine its sunsets, the warm and humid climate, its landscape and cultural traditions; everything about it will make this trip an unforgettable and ultra romantic moment.

Legend has it that, in the cave of Ana Kakenga (see photo), a damsel and her beloved lived their final hours together after he kidnapped her so that she would not marry someone else. To avoid the punishment to which they would be subjected, they blocked the entrance of the cave from the inside and remained there until they died. Experience this couple’s love in the most romantic cave on the island!


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In the south of Chile, the island of Chiloé is another magical spot in Chile for falling in love. Its exquisite cuisine based on aphrodisiac seafood transforms this place into the second must-go on the list of places to visit with your sweetheart.


Foto [@daniturbodancer]

If you visit this island with your significant other, don’t miss the experience of sitting with him or her on the edge of the Muelle del Alma (Soul Pier), waiting for the sunset together while the two of you embrace each other. The beautiful wooden dock invites you to walk hand in hand towards the horizon and feel the vastness of the ocean. This setting is definitely one of the most romantic on the island.



Foto: [@ncifuentess]

Another enchanting place in the south of Chile is located in the middle of the abundant vegetation of the Malalcahuello area, 90 minutes from the city of Temuco. This is where a tragic love story about a young Pehuenche couple took place, when they decided to jump into a beautiful waterfall because they were being persecuted for their forbidden love.

If you love waterfalls and would also like to learn more about this beautiful love story, then your destination is El Salto de la Princesa y del Indio.



How beautiful is the Copihue, Chile’s national flower? According to the Mapuche culture it has a very romantic origin. The story goes that, a long time ago, a Mapuche princess named Hues fell in love with a Pehuenche prince named Copih. Their love was forbidden, because their tribes had been in war for many years, and as a result their fathers killed them.

Many years passed, feeling regret, until finally the tribes reconciled at the lake where the young couple died and all of a sudden a beautiful white and a red flower emerged from the water, which they named Copihue in honor of the lovers. 

Now, surely every time you see a Copihue flower you will be reminded of this love story and why Chile is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. 

Let’s continue discovering beautiful destinations and the love legends that are part of the romantic heritage of our country’s history. 



Foto: [@disfrutemos_chile]

In the central coast of Chile, specifically in Horcon, about an hour from Valparaíso, the following legend was born. Before returning home, a soldier writes a letter to his beloved telling her that the war ended and that he will soon return home. The letter said: “Remember that old oak tree in the garden of your house, where I kissed you for the first time? If you still love me, tie a yellow ribbon on a branch of that tree, somewhere I can see it. If you don’t, I will continue sadly on my way without coming for you”.

When finally the soldier returned to the city, he was happily surprised to see a yellow ribbon tied on every tree in town, showing the faithful love that she felt for him.

In honor of this love story there is a “Bridge of Wishes” on the beach of Horcon where lovers tie their own colorful ribbons as a symbol of their union, while they repeat together “With this ribbon I tie my life to yours, I promise to love you, to take care of you and to respect you. May the sun be our father and the sea the witness of our love”.




Foto: [@chilenaturecl]

If you prefer Chile’s northern landscapes, here is another love story that belongs to the Atacameño people. In the Great Atacama Salt Flat, stands the Licancabur volcano, that for the Atacameño people was considered a prince, and in front of it is the Quimal hill, the princess.

Licancabur had a squire to take care of him, a volcano called Juriques, who was as handsome as Licancabur and who unfortunately also fell in love with the beautiful Quimal and began to court her.

Quimal was confused because she was attracted to both of them, so she called off her wedding to Licancabur. Both volcanoes were about to explode when the old volcano Lascar intervened to save the villagers of San Pedro de Atacama, pledging to end the feud once and for all.

Lascar was so furious about what had happened that he suddenly erupted, and in his fury decapitated Juriques. To this day you can still see the flat peak of Juriques next to the perfect cone of the Licancabur.


Licancabur and the “decapitated” Jurique

Foto: [@sanpedrodeatacamavolcanes]

Lascar then sent his grieving daughter Quimal into exile, sending her away from the community to the far side of the Great Atacama Salt Flat, where she stands today.

No matter if you visit the desert, the beach, the mountains, a national park or any of the islands of Chile, you will find beautiful love stories in all of these destinations. Be sure that you can live a beautiful experience of love with your partner in one of these places, to celebrate the month of love.

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