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Street Art Route in Valparaíso

Street Art Route in Valparaíso

By: Chile Travel - 28 August, 2021

We love urban art! That’s why we decided to make the Street Art Route in Valparaiso and follow the print of the most remarkable creations decorating Chile’s main port, all make to surprise and inspire!

Valparaíso is one of the most beautiful cities of Chile and that’s why is commonly called the “Jewel of the Pacific”. Main port, loud, colorful and bohemian. Its beautiful murals have made Valparaíso the indisputable capital of street art in Chile South-America, attracting thousands of visitors every year to take pictures with the murals.

Concepción Hill is, probably, the port’s center of street arts, color and creativity, Thus, we start this Street Art Route in Valparaíso at the famous Fischer stairs that connects with Gálvez Alley. But before going up, look front of you! Crossing Arriola Street you’ll fin Apolo stair which is the frontier with Alegre Hill. There are two hands sending us a powerful message talking about nation’s unity.

Colorido graffiti de la imagen de una mujer en el costado de un edificio en Valparaíso

Fischer Stair and Gálvez Alley

Go up from Urriola street through Fischer stair until reaching Gálvez Alley. To the right you’ll find another colorful stair with some lyrics from the song “Latinoamérica” by Calle 13 painted on the steps.

Meanwhile, in Gálvez Alley you’ll find an explosion of color and creativity, many murals and drawings to take pictures. In here, you’ll find one the most magical corners of Valparaiso.

Pay attention to the street art in Valparaíso! If you go up Papudo street, you’ll find a man flying a kite. Put your camera out and click!

Graffiti de peces y burbujas de color en calle Urriola de Valparaíso

Valpo’s Granma

In Alegre Hill, go up through Almirante Montt to see one of the most emblematic murals in Valparaíso. It’s the “La mamie de Valparaíso”, a grandmother watching over the city from the corner of a house, a piece created by the French collective Ella & Pitr.

Imagen de un graffiti de Valparaíso que muestra la imagen de una abuela con lentes pensando

A Street Art symbol in Valparaíso

Go down Templeman street and turn right. You’ll find one of the symbol of this street art route in Valparaíso. Painted by a British collective, the stairs shine with the phrase “We Are Happy Not Hippies”, a word game that rhymes pretty well in English. You’ll find many travelers waiting to take a picture, but don’t get desperate, in here everyone is patience and hurry to give foot to the next photographer.

Imagen que muestra un graffiti en las escaleras de Valpraiso con un grupo de mujeres turistas retratándose en ella

Piano stairs, one of the most photographed ones

These beautiful stairs are in Beethoven Alley at Concepción Hill and is one of the most visited. A piece by @chinoatonal, also a musician, the artist has been part of the renewal of other known stairs on this destination.

We recommend you visit it during the firsts hours of the day, during the afternoon you’ll see groups of tourists waiting to take a picture going down the stairs. While you wait, go around the surroundings, you’ll find more mural.

Street Art on our way to La Sebastiana

“If we walk all Valparaíso stairs, we would have turn around the world”, wrote Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize. Surely, the Chilean poet would have been proud to see the many visitors the city receives to go to La Sebastiana, a house where he lived, as well as the Street art surrounding it.

If you tour Neruda’s house, open your eyes wide open and look for the Bellavista Hill stairs. It’s the Santa Lucía stairs, going up through Ferrari Street (that it’s also decorated with Street art), with landscapes from Valparaíso, made with mosaics. Then look for the stairs in Los Poetas Square or Mena Square, in here you’ll find fours stairs decorated with colorful mosaics and beautiful sculptures as tribute to Pablo Neruda, the poet. All of them create what is called the Open Sky Museum of Bellavista Hill.

Imagen de un graffiti en una muralla de Valpraíso donde destacan peces y flora del fondo del mar

This open museum is full of graffiti, murals, paintings and mosaics. Born in 1969, its goal was to improve the popular and somehow mistreated look of the city. Just at the beginning of the 90’s the project restarted, when dozens of artists (among them María Martner, Roser Bru, Roberto Matta and Nemesio Antúnez) got together to contribute to the rebirth of the place

In Valparaíso, artistic interventions are born and dead every other time, but we can assure you that port’s street art will not leave you indifferent. Follow some of our recommendations. We left may outside, but remember you create true Street Art in Valparaíso…


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