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By: Chile Travel - 28 August, 2021

The pandemic has taught us to appreciate our freedom, especially now that we aren’t free to travel and get to know new places. That’s why today we want to show you the 5 must-see experiences in Chile that you need to have as soon as we can meet again.

Sunset in Torres del Paine

Sunset in Torres del Paine

Photo: [@beautifulamnesia]

While we wait for the borders to open up and are free to travel again, we invite you on the following virtual trip around Chile.  Take note of some of the incredible tourism ventures in our country that have won awards for their innovation and care for the environment.

1. A tour that will satisfy all your senses

In the north of Chile, specifically in the Atacama, there’s a place you’ll love. It’s part of the Centennial Olive Tree Route, which lets us see the olive culture of Huasco Valley in a completely sustainable way.

Path with leafy olive trees on the sides

Path with leafy olive trees on the sides

Photo: Sernatur

This enterprise obtained a national recognition called “More Tourist Value” for its contribution to tourism and its actions to protect the natural resources that it shelters.

2. Enjoy the Mountains in Las Trancas Valley

Ecobox Andino is a sustainable enterprise located in Ñuble, in central Chile, specifically in the Nevados de Chillán- Laguna del Laja World Biosphere Reserve. It is a mountain refuge with four cabins inserted in a forest of Ñirres that are connected through walkways to reduce the impact on the native flora.

Ecobox cabins covered in snow

Ecobox cabins covered in snow

Photo: [@ecoboxandino]

This tourist complex stands out for the beautiful landscapes that surround it and for the actions the owners have been taken to reduce their environmental impact, such as using spring water and electricity that’s 100% generated by photovoltaic panels.

In brief, it’s a place where you can live an unforgettable experience, rest, relax, and connect with nature, which will be the highlight of your stay.

3. Become a mule driver and travel to the past in the Andes Mountains.

Not far from Santiago, and up into the mountains, there is a Route of the Living Treasures, an experience that you have to live if you like horses.

It should be noted that this experience was developed thanks to the collaborative work between local communities, thus, achieving a unique attraction that allowed them to win first place in the  “More Tourism Value” contest, sponsored by Sernatur, the Chilean Board of Tourism.

People on horseback contemplating the Farellones landscape

People on horseback contemplating the Farellones landscape

Photo: [@flechaextrema]

During the horse riding tour through the hills of central Chile, you will cross streams and camp under the moonlight, always accompanied by a muleteer and a tour guide who will teach you everything from preparing the saddles to using the stars as a map.

What do you think about living an experience like this?

4. Explore Chiloé through its tastes and smells

In case you didn’t know, Chiloé is the second largest island in South America. It is also the perfect place to try the most typical dishes from the south of our country. In Castro, Chiloe’s capital, one of the local enterprises invites visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s culture and traditions.

Casas pintorescas de Chiloé

Casas pintorescas de Chiloé

Foto: Sernatur

It’s quite an experience that starts at the Castro Farmers’ Market, where you go shopping for the fresh produce that you’ll use later in a cooking class. You’ll take a class with a chef who will teach you to prepare a complete menu of typical dishes. You will also learn how local gastronomy has been changing over time with the use of new technologies.

This initiative aims to make a valuable contribution to the island’s development by integrating a chain of local merchants and products, from the markets, schools and kitchens of Dalcahue.

5. Live a unique connection with nature

Now, if you like cold weather, we recommend the Ecocamp in Patagonia, the world’s first carbon neutral geodesic dome hotel, located in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park.

Ecocamp domes on a cold day in Torres del Paine.

Ecocamp domes on a cold day in Torres del Paine.

Photo: [@ecocamp]

An interesting fact about the construction and design of these domes is that they were inspired by the Káweskar communities, a native people of southern Chile, and by doing so they seek to minimize the human footprint on the environment.

In this magical place, sustainability is breathed in every detail and is evident in each of its services, which create and provide high quality experiences for those who decide to go so far to explore one of Chile’s most emblematic destinations.

We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Chile as much as we did! Now we’re counting the days till we can meet again at any of these beautiful destinations.

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