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Birdwatching in Chile: 4 birds from the Los Lagos Region

Birdwatching in Chile: 4 birds from the Los Lagos Region

By: Hernan Claro - 28 August, 2023

More and more people are becoming interested in birdwatching in Chile. The diverse bird life in our country starts in the deserts of the north and reaches the forests of the south, where the Los Lagos Region is home to four wonderful birds.

The richness of the natural environments in Chile attracts hundreds of people who look to go birdwatching, a hobby that is gaining more followers around the world.

The environments in the Los Lagos Region have especially become of great interest with specialized tours for birdwatching. If you are an experienced bird watcher or would like to start this activity, at Chile Travel we can tell you about four birds that you can find in the area.


Chucao. Photo: [@chilote.birds]

Renowned for the brick red on its neck, the Chucao lives in the forests and jungles of southern Chile. Its name comes from the Mapudungun word “chukaw”, which means “bird from the mountain.”

If you are going to go birdwatching, consider that the Chucao prefers to stay among the bushes in the trees and usually stays at ground level. They are confident in the presence of humans, as long as the person is motionless.

It is widely known for being a doomsayer: if it sings to the traveler’s left, it is better to give up on the journey, while if it sings to the traveler’s right, it means that it will be a good trip.


Kingfisher. Photo: [@jacobo_fauna]

A symbolic bird of southern Chile, the Kingfisher can be seen in calm waters surrounded by forests, such as lagoons or estuaries. It can be found placed on a branch, waiting attentively for the fish that will become their food.

This bird dives so fast that it is very difficult for its prey to escape. Its fearless hunting technique is one of the biggest attractions for tourists and for those who go birdwatching.

South Churrín

South Churrín. Photo: [@fauna_silvestre_chile]

Inhabitant in large forests or ravines with dense brushwood, the South Churrín is a stealthy and fearful bird, whose record requires higher patience and caution.

It is characterized for having a dark body, darker on top and more grayish below. With its singing, it seems like it says “pa-tras,” the reason why it is widely known as “para atrás” (go backwards).

The Yagán culture gave them the gift of creating canoes, since it collects and builds its nests with vegetable fibers from roots, branches, and mosses.

King Cormorant

King Cormorant. Photo: [@avedexchile]

The King Cormorant can be found from Santa María Island (Biobío Region) to Cabo de Hornos (Magallanes Region), although their presence is more frequent on Chiloé, where they live together with the Imperial Shag.

The black of its upper part and wings contrast the whiteness of its front neck. Although its favorite menu is fish, it also eats crustaceans and mollusk. It is strongly connected with different stories from the Yagán and Selk’nam cultures

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