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By: Chile Travel - 28 August, 2021

Since 1993, the World Travel Awards (WTA) recognize, reward, and celebrate excellence of all sectors of the tourism industry and have become this sector’s world benchmark for excellence and reputation.

The Grand Ceremony of the 2020 Final Gala, held on November 27th of this year in the City of Moscow, Russia, once again proclaimed Chile the winner in two important categories: Leading Adventure Tourism Destination and Best Green Destination.


Along with major competitors from around the world, the World Travel Awards 2020 highlighted Chile for the fifth consecutive time as leading destination in the Adventure Tourism category.  And there are many reasons for this, because in Chile the impossible becomes possible!

In this true natural outdoor gym, there is something for everyone: extreme solo adventures, couple challenges, or moderate family adventures; Chile is the destination you’ve been looking for as your next vacation spot.  Here are some of the arguments for the World Travel Awards 2020.

Hiking lovers can enjoy countless trekking trails with different levels of difficulty and landscapes at Chile’s over 100 parks and nature reserves.  The adventure possibilities are so many that you can even explore the Southern Ice Fields while hiking over the glacier.

Surf fan?  You have arrived to the perfect country.  With over 4,000 km of shoreline you will find the perfect wave.  Surfing in northern Chile, in Arica or Totoralillo; or in the center, at the Ritoque or Pichilemu beaches will be the experience you are looking for.

Mountain climbing fans find paradise in Chile: the high and legendary peaks of the Andes offer different difficulty and preparation options for all levels between hills and volcanoes.

And of course the mountains also offer the ideal platforms to experience a gentle paragliding descent into the valleys: a panoramic view from the air engraves an unforgettable memory.

Zip lining in the middle of ancient forests or rafting in the powerful rivers of southern Chile that precipitously descend from the mountains towards the Pacific Ocean are just more examples of the many adventures that wait for you in Chile.

Lastly, we cannot leave out winter sports because adventures last all year long and when the snow covers our mountains, skiers and snowboarders rush to the many ski centers in central and southern Chile to meet again with world class slopes that delight visitors.


A particular reason for pride is that Chile has been awarded the distinction of Best Green Destination at the World Travel Awards 2020.

The great tourism boom during recent years along with a greater awareness of the damage caused to the planet by human intervention, makes us appreciate even more the ecological, aesthetic, and ethical aspects of “green” tourism.

Among the world regions that stand out for their support to the development of local communities, preserving the environment, and contributing to the conservation of cultural and natural heritage, Chile was measured against competitors of the stature of Ecuador, Madagascar, Norway, and Peru.

Chile’s distinction as Best Green Destination 2020 in the World Travel Awards highlights initiatives that are preferably rural that support the philosophy of life of ecotourism fans: absolute respect for the environment and the diversity of the local wildlife.

Cabo de Hornos Reserve with a magnifying glass

Created in 2005, the reserve covers 5 million hectares (12,355,270 acres), both marine and land, and it is home to three national parks, including the Alberto de Agostini National Park.

The area protects thousands of minute plants and lichen of Cape Horn’s “miniature forests”.  Here we offer you an unsurpassable green tourism experience: ecotourism with a magnifying glass.

The experience at the Omora Park in Puerto Williams has a low environmental impact and a great educational value allowing visitors to become acquainted with the local nature all year round.

Huilo Huilo

The Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is a protected natural area in the middle of the Patagonian Andes, 860 km (534 miles) south of Santiago de Chile.

Some the planet’s unique species are protected in this reserve such as the southern huemul as well as unique fern varieties.  Wildlife protection as well as the care for the local communities make this green destination a unique experience.


For those who want to visit natural and cultural destinations just a few kilometers away from the capital of Chile, the city of Curacaví is famous for its support of the traditions and culture of central Chile.  This green destination has well established sustainability plans and the inhabitants prepare for your enjoyment traditional Chilean dishes with regional organic products.

Mapuche Tourism

In southern Chile you will find several initiatives to get to know the Mapuche culture and cosmovision within the natural environment where the communities have developed since the beginning of Chile’s history.

You can’t miss the experience of sleeping in a ruca, going on excursions in a Wampo (canoe made of a single piece of trunk) or even participating in some of the religious ceremonies, such as the “nguillatun”.

Mapuche families are prepared to welcome you to a unique, magical, and unforgettable experience of truly green tourism.

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