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Tour of Chile’s vineyards during the Pan American Games 2023

Tour of Chile’s vineyards during the Pan American Games 2023

By: Hernan Claro - 2 May, 2023

Pan American Games

Chile’s vineyards will be waiting for you with incredible activities such as trekking, wine tasting and bicycle tours during the 2023 Pan American Games.

The wait is almost over for one of the most important sporting events on the continent: the 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games, which will be held this year in the central, central-southern and southern areas of our country.

Thousands of competition’s fans, athletes and their families or friends are expected to arrive in Chile to experience the sporting event that will take place between October 20th and November 5th.

In Chile Travel we don’t want you to miss the benefits that our country offers, so we prepared this selection of Chile’s wineries, where you can enjoy incredible wines and taste unique wine strains.

We will also show you the routes and tours that you can take near by the venues chosen for the Pan American and Parapan American Games 2023, located in the Metropolitan, Valparaiso, O’Higgins, Maule and Biobio regions.

Chile’s vineyards and activities you must do


Vino la Joda Vineyard

Vino La Joda Vineyard, one of the most innovative wineries in Chile, offers wines made on a human scale and fun tours or experiences such as El Sombrero Loco, La Putter Joda, Que no te joda la pluma and Zenlájate. Here you can play on a small mini golf course, play badminton, croquet, and even do yoga.

  • Location: San Esteban, Aconcagua Valley
  • Contact:– +569 964362656


Sánchez de Loria Vineyard

It is a winery with more than 130 years of history in Aconchagua Valley, district of Panquehue. It has stood out for its intense connection with the community and city hall, hosting various community events. For the tourists of the Pan American Games 2023, they offer outdoor recreational activities, such as walks through vineyards, recreation of manual grape harvesting and production process.

In Situ Family Vineyards

This winery is located in the district of San Esteban and offers hiking activities in Paidahuen Archaeological Park. There, you can observe petroglyphs, photograph vineyards, and have a complete view of the valley from above. They are open from Monday to Friday between 10:00 am and 3:30 pm, as well as on weekends from 10:00 am.

  • Location: La Florida 2220, San Esteban
  • Contact: Angelina Morelli

Metropolitan Region

Las Araucarias Vineyard

They offer a complete tour that starts at the vineyard, then climb the surrounding hill and go through the relict forest, full of native trees, ending at the Quebrada Las Bandurrias. It lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes on foot, round trip.

  • Location: Maipo Valley, kilometer 13, La Viluma sector, Melipilla
  • Contact: +569 30254685

Cousiño Macul Vineyard

Through a panoramic bike ride through the oldest vineyard in Santiago, you will learn about the fascinating history of Isidora Goyenechea, one of the most influential women of the 19th century and owner of Cousiño Macul Vineyard.

On this tour you will see the vineyard and its sustainable practices, the winery where the premium and icon wines are made, the vats where the wines were made in the 19th century, the century-old cellars, and the museum. During the tour, you will taste four wines that have been dedicated to Isidora Goyenechea and one wine from the emblematic Antiguas Reservas line.

LOF Vineyard

You will marvel at the boutique experience of getting to know the winery in a personalized and exclusive way, less than an hour from Santiago. You will be able to walk the vineyards, the winery where they make their wines and the ceramics workshop. You will also taste their wines accompanied with cheeses and hams from the house.

  • Location: Camino La Aparición, Plot 59, Paine
  • Contact: Pía Bahamonde +56 9 5081 9169

Chocalán Vineyard

On this trek you will learn a little more about the typical flora and fauna of the area, especially birds that can be spotted easily. The goal will be to reach “Los Paltos” viewpoint, where you will have a panoramic view of the valley and the Maipo river. Back at the winery, you will learn about the entire winemaking process and visit the vat rooms and barrel cellars.

You will finish your visit tasting three wines specially selected for the occasion. The trekking has a medium difficulty. We recommend you wear comfortable clothes, hat, and sunscreen.

O’Higgins Region

Cono Sur Vineyard

Learn about Cono Sur’s history by walking through the park and the corridors of its Casona. Learn about organic management, sustainability, and biodiversity, while pedaling through our vineyards. Discover the OCIO winery and learn in detail the stages in the elaboration of Cono Sur’s Premium Pinot Noir. You will also taste four of the most representative exponents of Cono Sur’s main lines.

Casa Silva Vineyard

This winery combines two typical Chilean traditions, the passion for wine and the love for horses. You will visit the vineyard, the winery, the wine making process, and then enjoy sports such as Polo and equestrian sports, learning about the characteristics of each horse and its discipline. The tour ends with a wine tasting. You can freely tour the facilities to do these sports.

  • Location: Hijuelas Norte S/N, San Fernando
  • Contact: +569 4111 8020 –

Santa Cruz Vineyard

Relax and enjoy a free and leisurely stroll to learn a little more about the Aymara, Mapuche and Rapa Nui cultures, and how they inspire this winemaking, ending at the observatory and its terrace perfect for sunset and a panoramic photo of the vineyard. They offer access to the Wine and Car Museum!

  • Location: El Peral Country Estate, Lolol. Wine and Car Museums
  • Contact: +56945830524 –– Instagram @vinasantacruz – Facebook @vinassantacruzlolol

Polkura Vineyard

You will be able to trek to the Polkura hill,3 kilometers high and an intermediate difficulty, as well as taste the Syrah grape variety of Polkura. In total, this experience lasts about 90 minutes.

  • Location: Marchigue, Colchagua Valley
  • Contact:– +569 38655814

Clos de Luz Vineyard

Clos de Luz Winery offers a trekking tour of its facilities, where it is possible to admire the native flora of the area and the Carmenere plantations, which are among the oldest in Chile. The tour ends at the vineyard’s viewpoint where three wines from the Clos de Luz portfolio (Arao, Massal 1945 and Azuda Syrah) will be tasted along with local cheeses. They also offer bicycle tours.

Maule Region

González Bastias Vineyard

Despite not being the site of the sports festival, due to its proximity to the areas that indeed are, we recommend you take the tour offered by the González Bastias Winery through its ancestral vineyards where the País wine strain is produced. You will enjoy tastings of natural wines and platters with food to share. Tours are available in Spanish or English.

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