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E-Bike: A new way to discover Chilean Patagonia

E-Bike: A new way to discover Chilean Patagonia

By: Hernan Claro - 11 August, 2023

Chilean Patagonia is an ideal destination to make the most of the potential of an E-bike. The advantages of the electric bicycle will allow you to discover the beautiful surroundings of the southern part of Chile at an intensity that you have never felt before. Do you want to live the experience? At Chile Travel we explain to you how. 

Electromobility has arrived to stay, and if it is already exciting to explore Chilean Patagonia. With an E-Bike you will be able to discover its summits and places from a different and much more intense perspective.

What is an E-Bike?

An E-Bike is a bicycle with a pedal assist system. In other words, it has an auxiliary electric motor that assists you during your movements, allowing you to go on a longer trip using the same amount of energy.

Every E-Bike has different ways of assistance and a certain amount of battery, while by norm its maximum speed range must not exceed 25 km/h. There is a variety of models, each one with different values. Moreover, there are some tours that will provide you a bicycle for rent.

E-bikes are a new way of discovering nature. Photography: @patagoniabikerschile

Explore Chilean Patagonia on E-Bike

The Aysén Region is the best starting point to discover Chilean Patagonia on an E-Bike. We recommend starting with a tour listed on the Sernatur platform, where they can pick you up at the Balmaceda Airport to start your adventure.

Consider that a professional service will adapt to your experience and conditions. You can find packages from three to seven days, with options of up to 6 hours of daily pedaling.

The beautiful landscapes of La Gloria Hill or some of the Coyhaique viewpoints are destinations that speak for themselves. The Castor Lake is another attractive area to explore on E-Bike, with a unique environment as it is located between the pampas and the mountain range.

Chilean Patagonia is a must-see destination.

Plan your trip

Although an E-Bike can be used by any user, going on a tour in Chilean Patagonia requires intermediate knowledge because of the complexities that can appear on the route.

Remember to bring the necessary protection to have a safe trip. Helmet, kneepads, and gloves must be part of your itinerary. Don’t forget your bottle of water and proper protection for the low temperatures in the area either.

Being protected is essential to have a calm experience and avoid risks. You must also be prepared for all types of weather. For this very same reason, we recommend you follow our social media to stay up to date.

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