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Discover Chile, the best adventure destination of the world

Discover Chile, the best adventure destination of the world

By: Chile Travel - 16 December, 2021

Our country has abundant reasons to visit many times. So today we’re going to give you one more: the World Travel Awards once again recognized Chile as the World’s Best adventure tourism Destination.

Why is this prize so important? Because every year the World Travel Awards are given for excellence in all sectors of the tourism industry worldwide. In fact, these awards are known as the “Oscars of Tourism”. And for the sixth consecutive year Chile has been recognized as the World’s Best adventure tourism Destination.

Laguna del Inca in te Andes – Photo: @chileextreme

The incredible diversity in our territory and the unexplored nature that ranges from the Earth’s most arid desert to lush Patagonia at the End of the World make the dream of having unique adventure experiences a possibility for those who visit us. Would you like to find out about the best adventure tourism destinations you can enjoy in Chile? Read on!

A desert to live life at the fullest

The Atacama Desert is the jewel in the north of Chile. Those who have been there can attest to the fact that it’s one of the most spectacular and magical places on Earth. Its impressive geography allows one to contemplate unique sand, rock, and salt formations, and even though it’s the driest desert on Earth, the landscapes in the Atacama mesmerize everyone.

The desert’s extreme conditions have contributed to making Chile the region’s best adventure tourism destination. No wonder the Atacama Desert is the epicenter for championships like the prestigious international Rally Dakar

Sandboard in the “Moon Valley”, San Pedro de Atacama – Photo: @sandboardsanpedro

But the rally isn’t the only activity that adventurers can experience in this incredible place. In Valle de la Luna, for example, only two kilometers from town, you’ll find sand dunes more than 100 meters tall that are incredible for sand boarding and zigzagging across the desert.

If bicycling is your thing, you’ll be in heaven on your mountain bike or simply pedaling around different places and taking the most amazing photos in your life.

Bike Parks in Santiago

Bicycles are the favorites of many people, and in Chile, there are so many places to bike and have unique experiences that there is no doubt about why we are the best adventure tourism destination. So, if you have the opportunity to come, the capital is one place where you’ll find bike parks to enjoy exciting rides surrounded by nature and in total freedom.

One of these places is the Metropolitan Park, located in the heart of Santiago. It’s considered one of the best bike parks in the city and has a significant number of cement and dirt trails, both for mountain bike enthusiasts and for those who simply enjoy a bike ride.

Bike Park in La Parva – Photo: @less_brakes

If you seek more risk, we recommend La Parva. It’s the mecca for mountain bike lovers because of its location and its trails. It’s located in the middle of the mountain range at an average altitude of 3,250 meters above sea level and has an 80-meter descent making it a world-class bike park. Would you like to bike down the Andes Mountains?

Trekking in the southernmost places on Earth

If you go to Aysén or Magallanes, in the extreme south of Chile, you will discover why Chile has been named the best adventure tourism destination for the seventh consecutive year. Its great mountains, spectacular volcanoes, and challenging climate make the south of Chile perfect for those who want to test themselves while enjoying the best vacations.

Trekking here is simply an incredible experience. For example, if you’re looking for challenges, you’ll love Cerro Castillo. The trek takes about four days, and even though it’s high impact, it’s worth it for everything you get to enjoy: dirt trails, forests, water, snow, and rocks in the same place

Trekking in Dientes de Navarino, Puerto Williams – Photo: @patagoniadreaming

The further south you go, the more adventures you get. Cape Froward is another place we recommend for trekking. It’s the southernmost place on the continent and will take four days to make the trip, but you’ll have spectacular views of the Magellan Strait, Lomas Bay, and Monte Tarn, as well as Dawson Island and Capitan Aracena Island.

Now you know, if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, breathing pure fresh air, and being surrounded by natural beauty, don’t think twice about coming to Chile, 2021 ‘s best adventure tourism destination in the world. We’ll be waiting for you!

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