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Bike Tour, Nature and Adventures in Magallanes

Update date: 31 August 2021

Pali Aike National Park, Excursion to the San Isidro lighthouse, Puerto Natales on bicycle.

3 days - 518 km
Recommended months for the visit: January - December
Difficulty level Low - Medium

Day 1

The Pali Aike National Park is located 196 kilometers from Punta Arenas. Once we arrive at the park, we will enjoy touring the different trails that this unusual place offers us, we will explore an arid landscape, lava valleys, and a unique vegetation; the Pali Aike Cave is where archaeological evidence has been found of populations that inhabited the area more than 11 thousand years ago.

Always observe posted instructions and environmental protocols.

Day 2

“Excursion to the San Isidro lighthouse, 75 kilometers from Punta Arenas, arriving at the Punta Arbol sector.
Later and already at our destination, we will start a four-kilometer walk along the beach. At the end of this portion of the tour, we will arrive to the famous San Isidro lighthouse where you will have free time to explore the area, eat, rest and take pictures.”

Get plenty of rest, always carry water, sunscreen, passport, adequate clothing, a first aid kit, and toiletries.

Day 3

Puerto Natales is located 247 kilometers north of Punta Arenas. A fun way to get to know this city is to take a City Tour on a bicycle, during which you will discover different streets and avenues to explore several monuments. We will visit pioneer homes, the artisan village Ether Aike, the Plaza de los Cuatro Pueblos, and several unmissable city landmarks.

Bring sunscreen, sneakers, sun hat, camera.

Plan your perfect trip
  • Bring a backpack with snacks and water for a full day of hiking. And if you have binoculars, don't forget to bring them to watch different species of birds.
  • Always have cash available because there are areas with no ATMs.
  • Prefer travelling during the low seasons to avoid high traffic and higher costs.
  • Don't forget to check information on covid-19 restrictions before traveling anywhere.
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