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Surfing in Chile: 7 perfect wave destinations

Surfing in Chile: 7 perfect wave destinations

By: Hernan Claro - 19 December, 2023

surfing in Chile

Surfing in Chile is known worldwide because you can find waves that can reach up to 12 meters high in our country.

If you want to feel the adrenaline of the sea, we will tell you here about seven unmissable destinations and the beautiful settings that surround them.

Chile has from the warm beaches in the north to the strong wind swells in the south, and offers a great variety of perfect spots for surf enthusiasts.

We will tell you about seven beaches with perfect waves to surf in our country, so that you do not fall under the waves. You will find schools and tourism operators registered with Sernatur that will allow you to experience this adrenaline sport on them.

Seven destinations with perfect waves to surf in Chile

1. Arica, the city of everlasting spring

surfing in Chile

Photo: Sernatur photobank

The province of Arica offers different spots for wave enthusiasts. One of the most well-known is the Ex-Isla del Alacrán, where it is possible to find waves of over 4 meters high, and excellent tubes, ideal for professionals. “El gringo” is a well-known wave, one of the most difficult because it forms at a rock bottom and crashes both ways.

Other alternatives are Las Machas and Chinchorro beaches where the waves are smaller and represent an easier challenge for beginners.

Moreover, you cannot miss a tour across the coastline of Arica, which has natural wonders such as the Río Lluta Wetland and the Anzota Caves, along with historical places such as the Morro.

2. Portofino beach and Balneario Flamenco

Photo: @sebamedinaa

In the Atacama Region, south of Chañaral, Portofino Beach and Balneario Flamenco are located, with excellent climate conditions for surf enthusiasts, and some of the best waves in the country, all above a rock bottom that requires surfers to have a greater knowledge to adventure into the sea.

And if you look for nature, a 50-kilometer trip north will take you to Pan de Azúcar National Park, that stands out for the abundance of flora and fauna species that are representative of the north of Chile.

3. Totoralillo

surfing in Chile

Photo: @tomvillegas

Located 15 kilometers from CoquimboTotoralillo is a beach that doesn’t have any reasons to envy a Caribbean beach, with turquoise-colored waters and white sand that attracts fans of water sports.

Moreover, on the beach a small creek operates where many fishers go into the sea each day from, looking for fresh products you can taste at the multiple restaurants in the area.

4. Maitencillo

Surfing in Chile

Photo: Sernatur photobank

In the Valparaíso Region, Maitencillo has consolidated itself as the usual destination for surf enthusiasts, with El Abanico being the favorite beach for fans of this sport.

It is not the only spot in the central littoral where you will find a good swell, because other excellent places to surf are Santo Domingo, El Canelillo, and Reñaca.

If you are fan of extreme sports, you can go to Cerro Tacna to go paragliding. You will find pilots that will jump with you from a height of almost 70 meters there.

5. Puertecillo and Matanzas

Photo: @saramhevia

These two towns are located in the Navidad province, in the O’Higgins Region, whose spectacular waves were one of the best kept secrets of surf experts for a long time.

There was a time when you had to cross a difficult dirt path to get there. However, time made Puertecillo and Matanzas attract a large quantity of surfers, both inexperienced and advanced, as well as windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.

6. Pichilemu

Photo: Sernatur photobank

Known as the surf world capital, the waves at Pichilemu host global tournaments each year and attract thousands of tourists from different nationalities that want to enjoy waves of up to 12 meters high.

The most well-known spot is Punta de Lobos with over 800 meters of braided waves. Another famous area is Infiernillo, usual for most expert suffers.

But Pichilemu is not only about surfing because it also stands out for its varied cuisine and horseback rides that exist on its coastline.

7. Buchupureo

Photo: @escueladesurfolasaltas

We close our list with Buchupureo beach, in the Cobquecura province, Ñuble Region. The challenge here is bigger due to the strong wind from the south of Chile, with waves that have reached 6 meters high.

It is an ideal destination for those who value the scarce inflow of visitors due to its remoteness from the big cities. The area is also abundantly covered in vegetation, turning it into a perfect refugee to take a break and enjoy nature.

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