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History, Surf and Nature in the O’Higgins Region

Update date: 31 August 2021

Sewell, Punta de Lobos, Río Cipreses National Reserve

3 days - 294 km
Recommended months for the visit: December - March
Difficulty level Low - Medium

Day 1

Sewell was declared a World Heritage Site in 2006.  It is one of the most attractive destinations in the O’Higgins region.  It is a former mining camp with more than 100 years of history that served as dwelling for the miners of the El Teniente Mine.  The tour includes the civic district, the employees’ and industrials’ buildings, the main stair, Morgan Square, and Major Copper Mining Museum.

Bring cash, a carry-on bag, your passport, cell phone charger, first aid kit, and toiletries.

Day 2

Punta de Lobos is popular for being one of the essential destinations for surfing, located 6 km south of Pichilemu.  Its kilometers of beaches and big waves that can reach more than seven meters are highlighted.  A geographical area that still preserves an old town atmosphere that is transformed with the arrival of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Always remember to observe the posted instructions and environmental protocols.

Day 3

The Rio Cipreses National Reserve is 50 km from the city of Rancagua.  It is a special area for ecotourism.  It stands out for its great trails where there are large forests of Chilean acorn, quillaye, and litre trees, it also includes a very extensive wildlife including vizcachas, macaws, burrowing parrots, and condors.  Its main river is the Los Cipreses River which flows from the glacier of the same name.

Get plenty of rest, always carry water, sunscreen, passport, adequate clothing, a first aid kit, and toiletries.

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  • Always have cash available because you can get to places where ATMs are not available.
  • Always prefer to travel during the low seasons to avoid high traffic and higher costs.
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