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From Downtown Santiago to the San Antonio Valley

Update date: 31 August 2021

Cerro Santa Lucia / Leyda / Port of San Antonio

3 days - 94 km
Recommended months for the visit: January - December
Difficulty level Medium

Day 1

Tour through the Cerro Santa Lucia which merges nature in perfect conservation, including pine trees, Chilean palms, and cacti.  Get off at the Santa Lucia Subway station and you will be a few steps away from the main entrance in the middle of the Alameda Avenue.  The trails of Cerro Santa Lucia include views of the city, the landscape is the protagonist, and sculptures such as the Fountain of Neptune captivate at all times and you can take unique photographs.

Protect your belongings, tour the streets in groups, wear appropriate clothing for each place you visit.

Day 2

The valley of San Antonio and Leyda, located in Aconcagua’s wine region, Fifth Region, is famous for creating the wine route in Chile, being a main producer of wine, having a several vineyards in the area and throughout the country.  Leyda is a town in the San Antonio district.  The coastal valleys of the fifth region include vineyards that are the closest to the ocean.

Bring cash, a carry-on bag, your passport, cell phone charger, first aid kit, and toiletries.

Day 3

The port of San Antonio is a must to visit and try the gastronomic menu with exquisite fish and seafood dishes, offering typical gastronomy.  Tours and boat trips with tour guides are also available to visit its surroundings, one of the main attractions of the port area of San Antonio, as it has a lookout where you can appreciate the area’s diversity and environment.

Get plenty of rest, always carry water, sunscreen, passport, adequate clothing, a first aid kit and toiletries.

Plan your perfect trip
  • If you are from another country, we suggest taking a travel insurance with coverage in Chile in case of any contingency.
  • Always have some cash available because you can get to places where ATMs are not available.
  • Always prefer to travel in low seasons to avoid high traffic and higher costs.
  • Don't forget to check information on covid-19 restrictions before traveling anywhere.
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