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Enjoy the snow near Santiago: 2 days of adventure

Update date: 1 August 2023

Portillo, Laguna del Inca, and Valle Nevado.

2 days - 216 KM
Recommended months for the visit: June - September
Difficulty level Low - Medium - Advanced

Day 1: All you can do in Portillo

One of the must-see places to enjoy the snow in Chile is Portillo, the oldest ski resort in South America located just two hours from Santiago.

Portillo offers ski slopes for all levels of skiers, a gym, special events, hotel tours, and sports tournaments such as football and basketball.

You can enjoy Portillo with a package for a day, a week, or as long as you want. They also offer incredible accommodation with a view of the Laguna del Inca, which freezes in winter when a lot of snow falls.

You can also find restaurants to taste delicious Chilean dishes.

Photo: Portillo.

Go to to buy your tickets.

Day 2: Valle Nevado and its amazing resort

On your way back to the Metropolitan Region, we recommend you continue your adventure in Valle Nevado. This ski resort is located 70 km away from Santiago Airport.

It offers the highest ski slopes in Chile, snowboarding classes, accommodation in its hotels and resorts, equipment to rent, and much more.

It is the favorite place for professionals in the discipline and in other sports, who make the most of its high-quality slopes to continue seeking excellence.

But wait! It also has different services and activities so that everyone can enjoy unforgettable moments in a family environment.

Check the website to buy tickets and see accommodation options.

Plan your perfect trip
  • Book your tickets in advance on the ski resort websites.
  • Always use sunblock.
  • Use safety equipment such as a helmet if you do any extreme sports.
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