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A romantic trip: Three days to explore the beaches closest to Santiago

Update date: 31 July 2023

Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Dunas de Concón, Horcón, Isla Negra, Laguna El Peral y Algarrobo.

3 days - 236 KM
Recommended months for the visit: January - December
Difficulty level Medium

Day 1: Walks, pleasures, and the Puente de los Deseos

The Jardín Botánico Nacional in Viña del Mar is the best place to start a romantic trip, because it has coffee shops, guided tours, canopies, bicycle rentals, and other activities to enjoy as a couple and to connect with the flora and fauna.

If you want to take a photo as a souvenir, we suggest going to the iconic Reloj de Flores. From there, you can stroll hand in hand along Avenida la Marina and then cross over to Avenida Peru to have a dish of fried reineta or some seafood pasta for lunch.

Once satisfied, you can travel 11 kilometers north to reach the Dunas del Concon, a natural wonder where you can enjoy a privileged view of the ocean and watch the sunset.

In the evening, a romantic panorama that cannot be missed is the Puente de los Deseos in Horcón in the district of Puchuncavi. Located 40 minutes away by car, the bridge is full of yellow ribbons that symbolizes the bond that unites lovers. In the same cove you can find places to dine.

When you go for long walks, don't forget to put sunscreen on, to wear comfortable clothes, and to carry snacks and water with you. Keep an eye on your personal belongings too.

Day 2: Fall in love with Valparaíso

As the name of the film “Valparaíso mi amor” says, the heritage and legacy that the streets of Valparaíso offer, will give you a dream experience.

You can begin with a visit to the Museo La Sebastianaanother residential house of the poet Pablo Nerudawho will leave you inspired with his exhibition of relics and paintings.

Now you can stroll through the heritage streets of the Ciudad Puerto (Port City). First go to the Cerro Concepción, where you will be amazed by the historical houses and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the sea by your side. At the end, you will arrive at Paseo Gervasoni, where you can have camarones al pil pil, or a caldillo de congrio for lunch, nourishing stew made from the fish that gives it its name.

Your next destination will be the Reina Victoria elevator, where you will enjoy a romantic climb in a historic elevator. Afterwards, you can go to Palacio Barburizza and delight in its impressive art collection before ending the day with a dinner at one of the many restaurants in Cerro Alegre, whose timeless architecture provides a unique environment.

The elevators from Valparaíso are part of the living heritage of the city. The oldest is the Concepción elevator, inaugurated in 1883.

Day 3: The magic of the coastline of the poets

Just over an hour by car from Valparaíso will be enough to reach the Litoral de los Poetas, an area that covers from the coast of Algarrobo to Santa Domingo and whose beautiful landscapes will allow you to link with the poetic beauty.

Begin your journey by visiting another house-museum of Pablo Neruda, the one in Isla Negra. It’s a magic place that hosts part of the collection of the late poet and his tomb located in front of the sea.

Enjoy one of the classic empanadas for lunch in the area and then head to El Tabo, where you can tour the nature sanctuary Laguna El Peral. The black-necked swan is there, an animal that has the same partner all its life.

Finally, we recommend you conclude your trip with a dinner on the beach of Algarrobo, where you will find the best quality restaurants. You can enjoy a varied gastronomic offer, ranging from ceviche de cava to crispy langostinos and pizza.

For the trip between Valparaíso and the Litoral de Los Poetas we recommend you travel through the interior inside the region along Route 68 and then take a detour along Route F-840 or F-90

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  • Keep an eye on your personal belongings too.
  • For the trip between Valparaíso and the Litoral de Los Poetas we recommend you travel through the interior inside the region along Route 68 and then take a detour along Route F-840 or F-90
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