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Honeymoon in Chile: Three destinations to live a unique experience

Honeymoon in Chile: Three destinations to live a unique experience

By: Hernan Claro - 17 June, 2024

Come have an unforgettable honeymoon in Chile. From the jaw-dropping sights of Rapa Nui to the magical San Pedro de Atacama, our country offers innumerable dream landscapes to celebrate your union.

Luxury hotels, incredible cuisine, relaxation, and marvelous landscapes are awaiting you in Chile. Get ready to start your love story in one of the most diverse countries in South America!

Three honeymoon destinations in Chile

1. San Pedro de Atacama: The magic of the desert

Romantic Experiences San Pedro

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You will have a magical honeymoon in San Pedro de Atacama, amidst surrealistic landscapes made up of salt lakes, geysers, and Altiplanic lagoons. There is a reason why the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, was chosen as the best romantic destination in South America.

You and your partner can enjoy bicycle rides through Valle de la Luna, watch the sunset at the Cordillera de la Sal Mountain Range, relax at the marvelous Puritama Hot Springs, and explore the mysteries of the cosmos in one of the clearest skies in the world. You will also find first-level accommodations.

How do I get to San Pedro de Atacama?

The best way to get to San Pedro de Atacama is to land at El Loa de Calama Airport and then drive for an hour. Different buses and transfers can also take you from the airport to your destination.

2. Rapa Nui: Ancient mysteries and wonders

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Get ready to experience an unforgettable honeymoon on Rapa Nui, a Polynesian island whose ancient culture remained isolated for thousands of years. The moai, giant stone statues that are considered one of the biggest secrets of humankind, are located here.

The romance starts from the moment you set foot on Rapa Nui. You and your partner will be welcomed with a Karone Tiare, a traditional necklace made of flowers and leaves exclusive to this part of the world.

Come and enjoy the crystal-clear waters, delicious seafood, and horseback rides through beautiful landscapes! They will make for unforgettable memories with your loved one.

How do I get to Rapa Nui?

If you are thinking of visiting Rapa Nui, you should know that there are flights from Santiago to this authentic paradise on earth almost every day. Once you make it there, you can rent a car and remember to only drive along authorized roads.

Check the requirements and considerations to travel to Rapa Nui here.

Chilean Patagonia, a unique and quirky destination to spend your honeymoon in

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Experience a nature-centric honeymoon in the Chilean Patagonia. A lush forest, turquoise lakes, and mountains that seem to reach the sky are awaiting you in the southernmost place in the world.

You will find Torres del Paine here, considered the eighth wonder of the world, where you can rest at first-level accommodations. If you are an adventurous couple, you will love to travel along the Carretera Austral and see its many sights, which will fill you with unique emotions.

Keep in mind to bring cash with you! Because of its remoteness, not many places will accept payment by card.

How do I get to Chilean Patagonia?

One alternative is to travel by plane to El Tepual Puerto Montt Airport and then travel 109 km south towards Hornopirén, deemed the entrance to the Carretera Austral.

You can also travel by plane to Balmaceda Airport and get to Coyhaique, the capital city of the Aysén Region and a perfect starting point to travel to different spots of Chilean Patagonia.

And if you want to visit Torres del Paine, you should get to Puerto Natales Aerodrome or Punta Arenas Airport. You can find more information about the route here.

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