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Bike trails to explore in Santiago and its surroundings

Bike trails to explore in Santiago and its surroundings

By: Hernan Claro - 20 November, 2023

Bike trails Santiago

Santiago, the capital of Chile, offers exciting routes to cycle all year round.

And since there is nothing better than connecting with beautiful landscapes, at Chile Travel we will tell you about six routes in Santiago and its surroundings.

1. San Cristóbal Hill

The most famous route in the capital. San Cristóbal Hill has different routes to reach the top by bike. The main ones? La Pirámide, Pio Nono and Pedro de Valdivia.

The route along Pedro de Valdivia is the fastest because it is around 4.5 kilometers (km) long, followed by Pio Nono, 5.5 kms long and a higher difficulty because most of the route has a very steep slope. The longest route is La Pirámide, 7 km long, but it has less slope.

No matter the route you choose, there is nothing better than reaching the top and enjoying a wonderful panoramic view of Santiago with a delicious mote con huesillo.

2. Panul Park

Photo: @photomountainrider

The favorite destination of Mountain Bike (MTB) lovers, Panul Park is the last native forest located in the urban ratio of Santiago, specifically in the area of the Andean foothills in the district of La Florida.

It is an ideal natural environment to enjoy a mountainous setting by bike. Its main trails are Subida para Ciclistas, Pista Animita, and the downhill on Pista DH Técnica.

We recommend using the demarcated trails because the regular presence of bikers has left paths that can mislead you. Reaching the top takes around two hours and has a moderate difficulty.

3. El Durazno Bike Park

El Durazno Bike Park is located in the heights of La Dehesa, another very popular place among MTB fans. The park has routes and jumps of different difficulties, which makes it ideal to introduce the youngest to the bicycle world.

The place has restrooms, barbecue areas, food places, stores, and other services run by the same compound. El Durazno Bike Park is located at the end of Avenida La Dehesa between the El Manzano and El Peumo creeks.

4. Las Condes – Bellas Artes Track

Photo: Banco audiovisual de Sernatur.

The districts of Las Condes, Vitacura, Providencia, and Santiago are united by this urban route, which apart from some short sections, is mainly developed inside parks. For this reason, it is ideal to tour with the family.

The route starts at Vespucio Oriente Park and continues through Escrivá de Balaguer Square, Bicentenario Park, down Vitacura Sur and Andrés Bello Avenues, Camino El Cerro, Costanera Sur Park, the bikeways on the side of the Mapocho River, and ends at Forestal Park.

It is an unmissable tour for those who want to do exercise outdoors and appreciate part of the hidden beauties of the capital.

5. La Reina and Quinta Normal

If you look to tour between the east and west areas of Santiago, a well-known route is the one that joins Sánchez Fontecilla, in the district of La Reina with Quinta Normal Park.

It is a 12.3 km route that starts on Sánchez Fontecilla Park and follows the route of Costanera Sur, Forestal Park, Los Reyes Park to reach Quinta Normal. Most of the path is on a bikeway, so it is also a great option to do it with your family.

6. María Pinto

Bike trails Santiago

Photo: @elbacorreavergara

The 37 kilometers of bikeway in the district of María Pinto make up the longest trail in the capital. It is a perfect route to enjoy the rural area without leaving the Metropolitan Region.

From the main square in María Pinto you must go 600 meters west on Francisco Costabal Street to begin the route. It is mainly a bikeway except for a small section around kilometer 32.

The trail has low-medium difficulty. There is currently a project in development to extend it to 48 km and turn it into the first regional bikeway.

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