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Long live the Wine Festival! The most important grape harvests in Chile and where they are carried out

Long live the Wine Festival! The most important grape harvests in Chile and where they are carried out

By: Hernan Claro - 7 February, 2023

grape harvests in Chile

If you intend to visit Chile and discover the reason why it is considered one of the main wine tourism destinations in the world, you must come at the time for grape harvests. In the following note, we will show you the most important ones and when they are carried out.

Grape harvest is the most important stage in wine production. For this reason, it is why it has become a highly expected event in Chile since the 16th century when the tradition of the “Fiesta de la Uva” and “Semana de la Uva” began.

These festivities mark the beginning of autumn in Chile, so if you want to visit one of them, we will give you the details of the most well-known so that you can plan your trip.

Grape harvests in Chile are carried out in March and April. Photography: Sernatur.

5 unmissable harvests in Chile

Valle de Colchagua Harvest

This is one of the most famous grape harvests in Chile, and it takes place in the city of Santa Cruz, about two and a half hours from the capital.

It will be held this year from March 3rd to 5th and you will be able to taste more than 150 wine proposals from the 17 vineyards that make up this valley. Among them are Casa Silva, Viu Manent, Apaltagua, and Bisquert, famous for their Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, and Syrah.

Isla del Maipo Harvest

Isla de Maipo is a town located about 50 kilometers from the capital and from April 29th to 30th it will offer tourists the opportunity to learn about the culinary art of the town, and above everything, the good quality of its wines.

If you go, you will be able to enjoy a walk through the main street, which turns itself into a great dining area, where you can enjoy tastings, typical handicrafts, grape treading, and live folk, classical, jazz, and rock music.

Buin Harvest

This harvest is one of the oldest in the Metropolitan area and will be held in April, more specifically from April 22nd to 23rd, so that you can write it down in your planner.

It is located just 35 kilometers south of Santiago and this year we expect 20 vineyards to participate, including the renowned Concha y Toro, Undurraga, and Santa Rita. You can also enjoy here folkloric and traditional shows of traditional Chilean cuisine.

Casablanca Harvest

Located an hour away from Santiago, Casablanca is considered one of the 10 world capitals of wine, so if you are a lover of this drink, you must visit the IX edition of its harvest this year from April 1st to 2nd.

There is no confirmed date yet, but it is usually at the beginning of April. Moreover, it stands out for being a party with a lot of wine, sparkling wine, local cuisine, handicrafts, services related to wine cultivation, and national music.

Curicó Harvest

A little further south, about 3 hours from Santiago, the harvest celebration will take place in Curicó. This year, the XXXIV Harvest Festival will be held from March 23rd to 26th in the Plaza de Armas and we expect the Miguel Torres, Echeverría, Arest, Millamán, and Valdivieso Vineyards, among others, to take part.

This harvest stands out for the size of its shows, which attract people from the Chilean press and famous musicians.

Valle de Aconcagua Harvest

The Valle de Aconcagua is located about 90 kilometers north of Santiago. It is enclosed in the valleys of the central area and not only the land, but the climate gives life to an excellent quality of grapevine. This is the reason why every year it also becomes the scene of the Valle de Aconcagua Harvest, one of the most important in Chile.

If you want to come, get ready because it will take place on March 25th and the participating vineyards are Narvona Wines, Flaherty Wines, El Escorial, Von Siebenthal, Peumayen, San Esteban, and Barón Knyphausen.

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