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The Top 10 most Instagramable places in Chile

The Top 10 most Instagramable places in Chile

By: Chile Travel - 28 August, 2021

We admit it, we are social media fanatics! We know that, nowadays, taking good photos is as important as any part of a trip, whether they´re taken from a cellphone or from a professional camera, the best part of recording the trip´s highlights is to brag about them online. That´s why, if you are looking for unbelievable sceneries, breathtaking adventures and photogenic places, then our country is the right choice for you, and to help out, here are the Top 10 most Instagramable places in Chile!

Because since the birth of Instagram, the app that is essentially about sharing photos and videos, travelers from all over the world can show- off their vacations by posting precious images of their dreamy destinations, having unique experiences, which inspire the rest of us to want to visit the places in their images.

And since we know that Chile offers numerous destinations worthy of being in any Hollywood movie, we have decided to do the work for you and tell you our selection of the Top 10 most Instagramable places in Chile, so that you know where to get that picture perfect image you´ve been dreaming of, which will cause the envy of your followers and, why not, perhaps transform you into a new travel influencer.

Our camera tour throughout Chile starts here!

The clock of flowers in Viña de Mar

Imagen del reloj de flores en Viña del Mar en un día soleado

The first of Chile´s top 10 most iconic instagramable places is the famous Flower Clock in Viña del Mar. Located at the foot of Cerro Castillo in the city of Viña del Mar, it is the most notorious natural urban intervention and one of the many attractions in the Valparaíso area.

In 1962, Viña was chosen to host the VII World Professional Soccer Championship, which motivated the construction of the clock. Its machinery was obtained at the Favag factory in Neuchatel, French Switzerland and the clock was inaugurated on May 15th of that same year.

Different types of flowers make up this touristic icon, which don´t grow more than 3 inches off the ground because the minute and the second hand rotate above the flowers, which are permanently maintained and changed every three months.

The Flower Clock has become one of the most visited touristic sites, by both national and foreign tourists, and according to the locals, those who take their picture with the Flower Clock in the background will return to Viña at some point in their future.

Muelle de Las Almas (Dock of the Souls)

Imagen del muelle de las almas en Chiloé

Taking second place in our ranking of the Top 10 most iconic instagramable places in Chile is the magical Dock of the Souls (Muelle de las Almas) in Chiloé. It is located to the west of the Grand Island of Chiloé, in the south of Chile. It is a magical place, full of legends, one of which says that from the dock you can hear the souls of the dead crying and begging for boat Tempikahue to take them away to their eternal rest.   

This beautiful dock, built as the extension of a Cliff, belongs to the district of Chonchi and was officially founded in 1767. It is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places to photograph because of its extraordinary scenic beauty, which includes fields and the ocean, crowned by a piece of artwork that refers to the local mythology.

La Portada Natural Monument in Antofagasta

Imagen del monumento nacional La Portada de Antofagasta que se ve en su totalidad en medio del Oceáno Pacífico

La Portada, Antofagasta

Another place that cannot be passed without being captured by the camera lens is La Portada de Antofagasta, one of the 15 natural monuments of Chile´s wild protected areas, which is 18 km (11 miles) from the city of Antofagasta.

La Portada is a rock formation that looks like an arch coming out of the ocean and dates back to before the era of Christ. It is part of one of the coast´s geological formations called “La Negra”. A place in the north of Chile that simply cannot be left out of your photo collection.

Saltos del Laja (Laja Falls)

Coming in fourth place in our selection of the Top 10 most Instagramable places in Chile are the waterfalls called the Saltos del Laja in the city of Los Ángeles, about an hour from Concepción. Four waterfalls along the mighty Laja River make their way through a deep rocky canyon that has been eroded by the water.

It is said that when these lands belonged to the Mapuche tribe, it was a place of worship where the elderly went to meditate and chew pine nuts (the sacred fruit of the Araucaria tree), and where the Young turn into “men” if they were able to walk across the biggest waterfall.

Although the Saltos del Laja have been affected by climate change and the industrial development in the area, its four waterfalls continue to delight tourists with the majesty of its waters and it is, nonetheless, a spectacular place to photograph from any perspective you look at.

Torres del Paine

Imagen de una joven turista recorriendo los cuernos de Torres del Paine

The Torres del Paine National Park in the Chilean Patagonia is the fifth place selected as worthy of being photographed for social media. Possessor of the most unique beauty, this park receives tourists from around the world every day, as it is considered one of the must-see destinations in our country, and for a good reason: it is the most important protected wildlife area and, clearly, one of the most photographed in the world.

The Rapa Nui Moai

Rapa Nui

Another spectacular place in Chile that is constantly being photographed, not only for its natural beauty but also for the construction of some of the world´s most unique statues, are the Rapa Nui Moai, which is why they had to be included in the Top 10 most Instagramable places in Chile!

The wonderful island of Rapa Nui, also known as the world´s bellybutton, leaves no one indifferent to its culture and landscapes. Throughout the island, the famous Moai are everywhere. These are large stone statues that represent the history of this busy place. There isn´t anyone who has visited Rapa Nui and not taken a selfie with these stone giants behind them.

San Pedro de Atacama

Imagen de un hombre en en Valle de la Luna

In seventh place, but no less impressive, is San Pedro de Atacama and nearby attractions, which are most definitely one of the Top 10 most Instagramable places in Chile! The small town of San Pedro has also been described as “an oasis in the middle of the desert”. Its a destination with thousands of landscapes, where tourists from all over the world arrive looking for rest, fun and mystical atmosphere.

Salt flats, lagoons in the high plateau mountains, ancient churches built with mud bricks, impressive sand dunes and magical valleys that look like the moon´s surface but set in the middle of the Atacama desert, are some of the sights that make its visitors fall in love and invite you to discover the beauties of the extreme north of the country.

Palafitos in Chiloé

Imagen de los coloridos palafitos de a ciudad de Castro

Chiloé is a place with very unique architecture, including its wooden churches built without nails and the palafitos or houses built on stilts over the water, which combine with the island´s myths, legends and delicious typical gastronomy, such as the curanto.  Travelers from all over the world come to the Gran Island of Chiloé to see its landscapes, which goes to show that it is truly one of the Top 10 most Instagramable places in Chile.

A Must-Have is a picture eating a wonderful curanto at one of the palafitos –turned into colorful restaurant- on the edge of the ocean, where one can see the fishermen on the water.

The Hills of Valparaíso

The Hills of Valparaíso is a destination that combines history, colorful hills, beaches and nightlife. It is nicknamed “The Jewel of the Pacific” and thousands of tourists visit it every year, and its architecture is one of the most photographed elements in town.

Walk up one of the never-ending staircases that connect the hills, where houses and restaurants are the protagonists of the hills of Valparaiso and enjoy a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean, with hundreds of colorful graffiti and urban art that decorate the city. You might even be invited to join one of the collective works of art on the walls of the Port.

Baha’i Temple

Imagen del templo Bahai de Santiago

And at last, in tenth place in our list of “instagramable” places in Chile, is the Bahá’i Temple in Santiago, the country´s capital. It is one of the most popular touristic destinations in central Chile, located specifically in the district of Peñalolén.

The Bahá’í Temple of South America was built in 2016 and is one of the seven others that exist in the world. Its particular architecture, amazing surroundings, natural beauty and peace have made this site one of the favorites to visit among Chileans and foreigners, close to the city, but surrounded by mountains.

We hope that these 10 places, the most beautiful for the photographic eye, fill your life with beautiful images and unforgettable memories of your trip, and inspire other travelers to visit our country from north to south!

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